Getting Started

Blogging is new to me, so help he out here.  It’s not that I have opinions and experience in the training and handling of dogs that no one before me has ever encountered…but training and handling over 14000 dogs for the past 47 years accounts for something…and I’d like to share what I have learned with you.  The topics can be as diverse as you want…my list is long…together, then, there should be plenty to discuss.  My plan is to develope a topic of interest and post it on Sunday or Monday evenings.  I’ll not post ideas or thoughts without thorough consideration.  All aspects of dog obedience and training, psychology, socialization, and behavior.  Dogs in service to man, as friends and companions, as heros.   Is it biblically sound that dogs have an afterlife, a soul, or have they been placed here to help us get from here…to there.  Maybe too, you’ll consider my book, 14000 Dogs Later.  It’s the story of my life with dogs and what I’ve learned and can be found on Amazon or my web site,  Peace, John

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