TV Time

Had a fun interview with Tim Irr of WSAZ-TV today on my book, 14000 Dogs Later.  We talked about all things dog.  It was really cool.  Tim had read my book and used some of the training techniques on his own Golden Retriever, Kip. with positive results.  Tim is a very positive individual about life.  He is a family man, a runner, and a lover of dogs.  The clip is scheduled to run on WSAZ-TV  Monday at 5:30.  If you can, listen in, and post your thoughts…and I’ll post mine.  WOOF!

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  1. Posted by Larry on November 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    I am anxious to see the interview! Tim is a great asset to the community. If he likes your book……….a lot of people will. I sure did, it is a fun read!


    • Larry: Thanks for your comment. Please tell others about my blog…and thanks for noting the changes I needed to make…nice to have someone watching over my work. Tim’s interview lasted over an hour and he’ll probably use 30 Sec. It will also be on the WSAZ internet site so should be easy to copy…if that’s a problem, he will put on disc for me. John


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