Neutral Territory

I receive this same question multiple times a year.   “I’m going to visit my friend and I’m taking my dog.  When we turn them loose together in the yard what should we do if they…growl, bite, fight, etc.”  My answer is always the same.  Introduce them on neutral territory.  Basically, neutral territory is anywhere other than the property of the home-dog, where he feels a need to protect his property by a show of dominance.   True, there’s less concern when it’s a male-female introduction.  Still, if it takes a little extra time to let them meet…on lead…at the dog park, at the mall, on that vacant piece of property about a mile across town, it is well worth the effort.  Then, when you take them to the back yard…still on lead…of the home-dog and give them another 5-minute re-introduction before turning them loose to romp, you’ll have had every indication as to whether problems are going to occur.  How will you know  if trouble is on the horizon.  Watch the tail, ears, hackles, curled lips, low growl, stand-offish attitude.  You’ll know.  I promise.  Remember the old addage…stop, look, listen and heed!  WOOF!   

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