Mystery at Christmas

Mystery arrived seven days before Christmas.  One of those unexpected surprises of life that is difficult to figure.  A puzzle with missing pieces.  A happenstance that defies explanation.  Margaret found her curled in a bale of hay…weak, neglected, old, underweight, dehydrated, and gasping for air because of a twisted flea collar.  We fed her a few morsels of cat food, offered water sparingly until, satisfied, ignoring the interest of the other cats and dogs, she found her place in the hay and slept.  On the sixth day before Christmas she was obviously on the rebound.  Though merely more than skin and bone, she purred at the touch, and languished in our arms.  We guessed her to be eight to nine years of age, slump shouldered: her steps are of labor, and her fangs are longer than any I have seen.  I wanted to call her Wolf.  She is Mystery though, because we do not know from whence she came.  But, we do know WHY she came.  See did not want to die alone.  And so we have taken her in.  On the fifth day before Christmas, today, Margaret took her to the veterinarian where tests will determine her future.  I will tell you those results tomorrow.  No matter the decision though, one of the Mystery’s of the Christmas season, when we all find ways to extend our arms to one another, be it our human or animal friends, has once again manifested itself.  John

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