Dog Muzzles

In my book, 14000 Dogs Later, I have made it crystal clear how I feel regarding dogs that bite.  You can read my thoughts there.  Here’s statistics from various recent sources.

Over four and a half million people are bitten by dogs each year.  During the past ten years there has been an average of 26 deaths a year by dog bites.   It is estimated that dog bites send 44 people to the ER every hour.


ftentimes, by the time folks realize that their dog is a biter; it’s too late to turn him back in, give him up, or get your money back.  And besides that, you’ve already fallen in love.  Generally, these problem dogs are mixed breeds where the background is impossible to research, an older dog that someone is trying to find a home for, or a dog you find roaming the streets that tugs at your heart strings.  (At this point I am not including dogs breed with purposeful aggressive tendencies).



 get many calls from frantic dog owners after their dog has bitten another person or dog.  Generally, along with training I advise the use of a muzzle.  Which brings about another question:  “Where do we find a muzzle?”  Although many pet shops, and General Stores that sell pet supplies, offer muzzles, they do not provide education about that product.  So here are the two main factors that you need to know when purchasing a dog muzzle: does it provide ventilation and is it the proper size.  A mesh mussel that fits tight over a dogs mouth is okay for a short amount of time…but remember, a dog perspires through his mouth…so long term usage, especially in the summer, can cause him problems.  If you are in need of a muzzle for your dog there is an excellent site for you to review.  Go to  WOOF!      

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