What is your dog’s most tender possession?

…and what part of his body is he most protective of?

            “Don’t step on his feet!” is a phrase I have used thousands of times when training handlers of dogs.  Softly handling your puppy’s feet as soon as you get him home from the breeder is critical.  Take your time.  Just a little each day until he is comfortable.  Teaching him to shake hands is good.  If you allow your toddlers or children to lie on, or wrestle with your dog, teach them not to jump on or fall on his feet.  You should be able to handle his feet for cleaning, grooming, trimming nails, pulling splinters, etc.  Be careful of his feet when opening and closing doors, don’t take him on an escalator, and don’t allow him near cars entering and exiting your driveway.  Remember, his feet are his most tender possessions!

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