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Mike Vick…again…What are your thoughts???

Mike Vick rips dogfighting app,;agrees to be in documentary

Michael Vick is speaking out against a cell phone application that he feel glorifies dogfighting. Called “Dog Wars”, the app lets players feed, water, train and fight their virtual dogs against others. Vick and the Humane Society have both spoken out against “Dog Wars”, which is designed by Kage Games and runs on Google Inc.’s Android software.


Source: (AHN Sports) Reporter: John Nestor
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States Published: April 26, 2011 01:11 pm EDT
Topics: Sports, American Football, National Football League


Michael Vick is speaking out against a cell phone application that he feel glorifies dogfighting.

clearpxlCalled “Dog Wars”, the app lets players feed, water, train and fight their virtual dogs against others.

Vick and the Humane Society have both spoken out against “Dog Wars”, which is designed by Kage Games and runs on Google Inc.’s Android software.

“I’ve come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street,” Vick said in a statement released Monday. “Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think it’s important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty, even in an Android app.”

Dog Wars has players condition dogs to fight, which the Humane Society feels could serve as a sort of how-to manual.

“This game may be a virtual training ground for would-be dogfighters. Its timing and message are all wrong,” Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle said.

Kage Games defended  its app, declaring that “It is just A VIDEO GAME. Perhaps one day we will make gerbil wars or beta fish wars for people who can’t understand fantasy role play games.”

After serving 18 months in prison on federal charges related to running a dogfighting operation in Virginia, Vick has worked with the Humane Society to share his anti-dog-fighting message at many schools

Vick is also in the news since he has reportedly agreed to submit to a documentary “chronicling his life.”

Bombo Sports & Entertainment plans to produce a 70-to-90-minute film, which would be released theatrically in Philly and other NFL cities at the start of the 2011 season.

“I am a dog owner, so this won’t be a sugar-coating,” Bombo CEO Bob Potter told Terry Lefton and Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness Journal, “but it should be a good film about an athlete who is fantastically talented and really polarizing at the same time.”

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Name your ten favorite TV and movie dogs…here’s mine

Petey (of Little Rascals fame), Hooch (Tom Hanks buddy in the movie of the same moniker),  Rin-Tin-Tin (considered to be the world’s most famous German Shepherd Dog), Fang (Harry Potter films), Bullet (Roy Roger’s wonder dog), King (sidekick to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon), the two Great Danes in Swiss Family Robinson, and the greatest movie dog of all time, Strongheart.  (I know, I know, that’s only nine). WOOF!




This is a curious question and at first glance I started to throw it out.  But, since it was asked by two different persons I will answer.  Ambidextrous means having the ability to use either side of the body equally to complete some task.  Dogs are neither left-pawed nor right-pawed.  It all depends on how they are taught as to which side they use.  No dog, when you teach them to shake hands, will naturally lift up the right or left paw.  It all depends on how you train him as to which he will use.  Their dexterity is equally proficient on either side of the body.  WOOF!

Mystery Passes

Our Christmas Mystery passed away on Saturday.  He was 14-15 years old but He only shared his days with us since December 21.  My daughter, Margaret, gave him a wonderful home for his final days.  We knew when he came that he wanted a family of friends for his final days…and he sure had that.  There are plenty of us who believe there is another world for our beloved pets…and surely Mystery is enjoying that ‘wonderful world of cats’ as you read this.  I have included the following from earlier writings.   

Mystery at Christmas

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Mystery arrived seven days before Christmas.  One of those unexpected surprises of life that is difficult to figure.  A puzzle with missing pieces.  A happenstance that defies explanation.  Margaret found her curled in a bale of hay…weak, neglected, old, underweight, dehydrated, and gasping for air because of a twisted flea collar.  We fed her a few morsels of cat food, offered water sparingly until, satisfied, ignoring the interest of the other cats and dogs, she found her place in the hay and slept.  On the sixth day before Christmas she was obviously on the rebound.  Though merely more than skin and bone, she purred at the touch, and languished in our arms.  We guessed her to be eight to nine years of age, slump shouldered: her steps are of labor, and her fangs are longer than any I have seen.  I wanted to call her Wolf.  She is Mystery though, because we do not know from whence she came.  But, we do know WHY she came.  See did not want to die alone.  And so we have taken her in.  On the fifth day before Christmas, today, Margaret took her to the veterinarian where tests will determine her future.  I will tell you those results tomorrow.  No matter the decision though, one of the Mystery’s of the Christmas season, when we all find ways to extend our arms to one another, be it our human or animal friends, has once again manifested itself.  John


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Our Mystery remains just that…but he is our Mystery.  Home tonight from the vet, who pronounced him disease free and recovering from being malnourshed, dehydrated, starving, and lonely.   Mystery is no longer at death’s door…rather he will now find his place in the barn amongst two cats, two dogs, and five horses.  His youth has passed and we know nothing of his past days, but his future, as long as he wishes to stay with us, is secure.  No doubt if this cat could speak his words would be ten, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”