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Dog Behavior Podcast number 21

In part two of this series we cover the topics of puppy mills, euthanasia, dog “overcrowding” and other tragic scenarios.  To listen, go to and click on Pod Cast.

The Bog, a story of canine fantasy

The Bog is slowly becoming available.  The publising world operates at it’s own (snail) pace.   Reiews have been pretty cool…cool as in “alright, baby!”, not cool as in tepid.  It’s available at Amazon (you have to type in The Bog by John Preston Smith), will be in e-book format soon, not on my website and available through Pay Pal yet.  If you want a signed copy send me a note at and we’ll hook up.

It is a story of fantasy.  It occurs in a swampy grove of marshland infested by snakes, rats and mosquitoes…a place commonly believed to be where animals go to die.  The book tells of a man who enters this forsaken quagmire while following the cry of a wounded animal…and that is where he encounters a wolf named Napoleon.  This is the story of what happens after that meeting.

Dog behavior pod cast # 20.

Episode #20:  Part 1 of a two part program regarding the end of life process of dogs. When is it time to “put your dog down?” What should we consider?