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Cabell Huntington Children’s Hospital

Cabell Huntington Children's Hospital

John and his rat terrier, Reader, standing in front of the sign announcing the new children’s hospital that is supported by proceeds from the sale of his books.

Whose number two???

The second most popular dog in the US, depending on which survey your review, is either the Yorkie or the German Shepherd Dog.

Dog behavior Pod Cast #30, Dog Rescues

   John and Bob interview Heather Carver who discusses all aspects of Dog Rescues. Our podcast page location:  Also search on ITunes by going to Podcast and then looking for These Dogs Are Barking or go to my website:


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Victimized greyhound recovers…

Victimized greyhound recovers…

The Bog, Video

The Bog is a book about how a special moment in time enables a wolf mother to communicate with a man who had saved her pup. However, it is so much more – a must read for those dog lovers who wonder just how deep are our relationships with these amazing creatures.