Judges commentary for your entry, The Bog, in the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards

John Preston Smith has presented an interesting concept in his book, The Bog.  Mr. Smith is clearly an animal lover and has a real connection to the spirit of the wild.  There is something very compelling about this story and the concept that each dog has a specific role to fill while on earth, should the opportunity present itself.

Mr. Smith provides vivid descriptions of the woods surrounding the home of the story’s narrator, particularly the bog, where the main story takes place.  There are passages that are very memorable, the scene where our narrator meets the wolf-pup and saves his life, the recounting of the mama bear attack, and the death of the narrator’s animal friend draw the reader right into the action.  And the author’s love of the noble creatures of the forest leaps off the page.

This little book and its message of the love between dogs and their owners will stay with me forever.

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