Cat attacks dog video

Okay, here goes. My opinion of the cat attacks dog video. Cats bunt, knead, roll, purr, and gift. I have never read or experienced that cats protect…their owner, that is. Maybe, that particular cat, an anomaly for sure, was thinking of protecting the child, but I have to doubt it. It is more likely that the cat in the video had experienced earlier mishaps with dogs, and maybe with that particular dog if that dog is from the same neighborhood. I strongly suspect that the cat had been attacked by dogs, possible numerous times in his life, and saw his opportunity to get even or mabe feared it was going to happen again. Many breeds of dog will guard and protect their own territory. Cats do not exhibit this trait. However, that being said, no matter what the reason, thank God the cat responded as he did…he may well have saved the child’s life.

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