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Answer to yesterday’s question

Answer: England, early 1800’s, bloodsporting. The most animal-abusive time, for the sake of enjoyment, in history.

Dog fighting, bull baiting, when and where?

In what country and in what years was dog fighting, cock fighting, bull baiting, etc., a national pastime. And, what was the “term” used in conjunction with these activities that debased the very existence of animals? The so called ‘sport’ included any animal that could be tied to a stake and attacked by dogs who had been beaten and starved.

He is not human

“Let us not attempt to make the dog human. As he IS he is incredibly interesting. He should be studied, not remodeled. We see dogs acting in ways of friends and consider them as ourselves. Not true. The space they take up and the time they use is different than ours. Rather, for the sake of training, than attempting to bring them into our world, better that we put ourselves into theirs.” (Note from a friend many years past)