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Stubborn dog challenge…

My friend, Bobby Prestera, has attempted to put me on the spot regarding the previous article about the 10 most stubborn dog breeds. He wants to know if I agree. I find this an interesting challenge and have decided to respond by video, the content of which I will compose this weekend. I will have the video posted to this and my other sites a day next week. To tell the truth, I’m really anxious to see how I am going to respond!

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“This little book and its message of the love between dogs and their owners will stay with me forever.” Writers Digest Judge, on reviewing The Bog

The Bog snippet

“They have an instinct like no other animal; they desire nothing more than to please their master. By their sense of smell, or their speed and agility, or their keen sense of hearing, they have saved, soothed, and rescued man from the slightest misfortune to his deepest fear since the day they left the call of the wild.”105_0727(1)

Naming my book…

How did the naming of my book, THE BOG, come about? Here’s the story.

The Bog…more info

You asked for more info on my soon to be released book, The Bog, The Legend of man’s Best Friend. The back cover tells it bestNew Bog Back Cover

Through the years…

Through the years I have kiddingly remarked that I can easier remember the names of the dogs I have trained than that of their masters. Then again, many a truth is said in

From The Bog…

From The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend: “The relationship of dog and man is magical and mysterious, sometimes bordering on the mystical. It can be described as uncanny. The dog has been man’s protector and companion since before recorded time…”

From The Bog…

From The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend: “Maybe dogs did not vie to be positioned at our side at all, maybe they knew from the very beginning that they were created for one purpose and one purpose only…that being to live and die at man’s side”