My life with dogs, take 1-1

Friends: I have decided to share with you My Life With Dogs.  The Blogs may be one page at a time, or more.  I don’t want to dump too much on you at a time.  I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to make comments here, or on my Face Book or Twitter account.  Best, John

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Part one:
Through the years, I have kiddingly remarked that I can easier remember the names of the dogs I have trained than that of their masters. Then again, many a truth is said in jest.

This is, however, a book about dogs…theJohnDog wonderful life I have spent with them and what I have learned from them. Appropriately, then, I dedicate this book to each and every dog that I have owned (or that has owned me), or that has had an impact on my life…and two others.

Jeep, Taxi, Silver, King, KaTrinka, Miggie, Gretchen, Gus, Chad, Tagore, Puppy Harlowe, Shambeau, Paddle Foot, Cooper, Strong Heart, Timber, Buddy, Rocky Too, Hanna Banana, Ellie, Runner, Writer, Reader, Sable, Kodi, Jesse, Doc, Putt-putt, Trailer, Sky, Trooper, Lumber, Mr. Edward Tuck and my dad.

And my dead-cat-come-back-to-life, Balthazar.


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