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100 hamburgers

A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, which is akin to a human eating one hundred hamburgers.wolf pix 1


Following is the most recent review of The Bog, The Legend.

This novel had me wanting my very own dog to love it unconditionally
By EBReviews on January 8, 2015

This book is very memorable, profound and thought-provoking! I am not an animal person, BUT, this novel had me wanting my very own dog to love it unconditionally. I thought with this book, laughed at some parts, wished for a dog and then thought some more. In all, this novel is a great book to add to anyone’s shelf and I would recommend it to all animal lovers and even those who are not! Great Job, John Preston Smith on a great novel!


Did u know: Thirty percent of all Dalmatians are deaf in one or both ears. (random facts) I support


Okay, okay…I may be going out on a rope here and may upset some of you. But, here’s the deal. This is NOT the kind of weather that dogs should be left outside without protection. A thick-coated German Shepherd, curled under the porch, out of the wind, yes. But short haired, single coated dogs, on a chain or running loose, unprotected…let me tell you, they may not live through the night. Anyone seeing dog abuse must accept the responsibility to contact authorities. Period.

Talking to dogs

One survey reports that 33% of dog owners admit they talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages on answering machines (random facts)

Dog bites

Interesting comments regarding my post on the number of dog bites. Here’s a thought. When walking my dog and folks approach asking if my dog bites, I always respond that ALL dogs could bite. And then I talk with them about the proper way to approach my dog. In every case I have found folks to be appreciative of the lesson.

Dog grief…

  • The grief suffered after a pet dog dies can be the same as that experienced after the death of a person (random facts)


Just finished reading “The Bog The Legend Of Man’s Best Friend” by John Preston Smith . If you’re at all like everyone in our family and suffer from K-9 obsession disorder and your dog IS family, then I challenge you not to read this in a single sitting as I did.

Wolf eyes

A light-reflecting layer on a wolf’s eye called the tapetum lucidum (Latin for “bright tapestry”) causes a wolf’s eyes to glow in the dark and may also facilitate night vision. While a wolf’s color perception and visual acuity maybe be inferior to a human’s, a wolf’s eyes are extremely sensitive to movement.(random facts) #thebogthelegend

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Now available on Amazon: The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend, Profits support The Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. Follow on Twitter: @harlyman60, ‪#‎thebogthelegend‬