Dogs I Remember 2-2 followup


I was thinking about my recent video entitled, Dogs I remember 2-2, and about the four groups of dogs that I remember to be the most difficult to train. There are four: dogs that bite, dogs that have not been socialized, dogs that have been abused and dogs that are mentally unstable.

I occurred to me, as a life-long trainer of dogs, that what I learned from these four groups is also the components needed within the psyche of every dog trainer and owner wishing to train his dog. Those ingredients are: caution, patience, compassion, and observation.

Give these ingredients some consideration, and I’ll bet the next time you snap the lead on his collar for your daily workout…you’ll be a better trainer on your end of the leash, and he’ll become a better dog on his end. And by the way, please remember that I support our local Children’s Hospital through the sale of my book, The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend available on Amazon at: Don’t forget “Everybody needs a dog, and every dog needs somebody.” Best to each of you, Johndog training (2)

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