10 Reasons to read The Bog

If you are a dog lover, here are 10 reasons for you to consider reading The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend:

1) You will understand how dogs were ‘selected’ to be man’s best friend.
2) You will be challenged, regarding the concepts of “coincidence” and “fate”…a challenge that will forever alter your relationship with your dog.
3) You will understand the source of a dog’s soul and his place in the hereafter.
4) The multiple forms of direct and unmistakable communication between man and dog are clearly presented.
5) You will be consoled as to how a dog deals with time.
6) Are they guardians? Messengers? Substitutes? The Bog explains.
7) You will understand what dogs think about. You will understand their gift of Momentary Understanding and how they make choices.
8) By reading The Bog, you will be exposed to your dog’s ‘greatest fear.’
9) Lastly, you will learn your dog’s ‘defining trait,’ and that knowledge may be a life changing experience for you.

10) You will be supporting the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital in Huntington, WV

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