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I saw you, Babe

I Saw You Babe, is my new CD of original songs and it is now available.  As a highlight, my son, Robert, joins me for Neil Young’s Long May You Run.  Your donation supports the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  Check it out: New cd cover for John.jpg

Here’s to Mom…

I was thinking today about writing a new book, entitled, The Legend of the Last Mom.  How would you feel if upon waking tomorrow there were no Mom’s…anywhere?  Of course, that’s just fantasy.  But I sure wish my Mom were still here, cause I miss her like mad.  So on this day of days, here’s to all the Mom’s…may you continue to watch over us as we fumble and bumble through this crazy and mixed up world.

We versus them!

So, folks like to compare dogs to humans…here’s my dog sleeping in a gutter in a dog pen that’s 10 by 30 feet.  Go figure! http://www.jprestonsmith.comIMG_4506


I was asked by my good friend John Preston Smith if I would read and review his latest book. I was honored at the request given by this amazing author, man and animal rights activist. John was instrumental in helping me with my book. Without his knowledge, encouragement and support I would have never pulled it off.
I just finished reading “The Legend of the Last Dog” and absolutely loved it. It is a voice for all abused animals and a wake-up call to all humans. Although this book is considered a fantasy or fiction I do believe that all spiritual people will find much truth in his message. Please don’t let the cover scare you as it did my Grandchild, sorry John, just being real.
It is a beautiful story told from a loving heart.

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Pet Age 2.0

Friends: Check out page 42 of the online pet magazine, Pet Age 2.0.  This is a high-quality publication featuring info about all pets.  They also spot light new novels such as The Legend of the Last Dog, available at Check it out at: Last Dog cover only

Legend endorsement…



The Last Dog cover onlyTheBog-FrontFriends:  I am getting queries regarding the relationship between my last two dog-related books: The Bog, the Legend of Man’s Best Friend and most recently, The Legend of the Last Dog.  It IS NOT imperative that the first be read before reading the second.  They were not planned as a series.  The Legend of the Last Dog can certainly stand on its own.    Should you want a deeper understanding concerning the connection between Bill (the protagonist) and Napoleon (the Mother Wolf), then by all means read The Bog.  Both books are available on Amazon and can easily be found on my site at

Your favorite???

My dog’s favorite novel is “The Legend of the Last Dog.” What’s your dog’s favorite novel?

Web: jprestonsmith.comIMG_4372The Last Dog cover only

How to order…

Here is the Amazon site for ordering The Legend of the Last Dog:  Thanks to those of you who have already ordered.  JohnThe Last Dog cover only

Now Available!

Just a note to let you know that my new novel, “The Legend of the Last Dog” is now available on and the Kindle Store.  My book predicts a worst-case scenario should animal abuse continue its destructive path.  Warning: How would you feel if upon waking tomorrow morning there were no dogs…anywhere! @PrestonBooks, jprestonsmith.comThe Last Dog cover only