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I saw you, Babe

I Saw You Babe, is my new CD of original songs and it is now available.  As a highlight, my son, Robert, joins me for Neil Young’s Long May You Run.  Your donation supports the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  Check it out: New cd cover for John.jpg


Here’s to Mom…

I was thinking today about writing a new book, entitled, The Legend of the Last Mom.  How would you feel if upon waking tomorrow there were no Mom’s…anywhere?  Of course, that’s just fantasy.  But I sure wish my Mom were still here, cause I miss her like mad.  So on this day of days, here’s to all the Mom’s…may you continue to watch over us as we fumble and bumble through this crazy and mixed up world.


Friends don’t keep scorecards!!!img_2810


If a dog can finish a day with unresolved problems, and still sleep well…then, why can’t we do the same?sleeping-dog

First Lady prayer…


Like a dog, if you find yourself in a hole…just stop digging!digging-dog-3376381


When you (or your dog) wallows with pigs, expect to get dirty!