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The pup…


The following appeared on my email this morning.  I do not know from whence it came, but thought you would enjoy.

The legend of the pup:  His father takes him into the forest and leaves him alone.  He is told to sit, facing east.  He is not to move until the following morning when the rays of the morning sun appear on the horizon.  He cannot cry for help.  If he survives the night, he is ready to take on the success and the blame of the pack.  Throughout the night, he is terrified of the beasts that must surround him.  But, he cannot look.  The night wind tries to blow him over.  But, he must sit, unmoving.  He is frightened as the wails and howls of the night chill him to the bone.  He fears that he will be attacked, maybe eaten.  Who will know if he is taken?  But, he sits, facing east, unmoving, desiring to become one with the pack.  Finally, a ray of light appears and his heart swells.  He turns, to run to his father, and then discovers his father is sitting directly behind him.  He had been sitting there throughout the night to protect his son from harm.



Friends don’t keep scorecards!!!img_2810


If a dog can finish a day with unresolved problems, and still sleep well…then, why can’t we do the same?sleeping-dog

First Lady prayer…


Like a dog, if you find yourself in a hole…just stop digging!digging-dog-3376381

Dogs in Heaven?

Do dogs go to Heaven?  Here’s one view point:

Judgement day…

Dogs don’t judge us by our relatives. So, even though it might be tough, maybe we shouldn’t judge our friends by their relatives and monkey (2)