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FROM CHAPTER 16, 14000 DOGS LATER:  “We use dogs more for our own edification than for theirs.  Too often, after the excitement of puppyhood has worn off, we leave them to fend for themselves.  We dispatch them to the basement, garage, or backyard.  Fortunately, we do not do this with our children.  Often, we are less than conscientious when we fail to feed and water them on time.  Yet, we never fail to feed and water ourselves at specific times throughout the day.

We leave them cooped up throughout the day until they are forced to relieve themselves, and then oftentimes we reprimand them for soiling the carpet.

Maybe the question should be, ‘what is it about humans?'”  WOOF!


This is a curious question and at first glance I started to throw it out.  But, since it was asked by two different persons I will answer.  Ambidextrous means having the ability to use either side of the body equally to complete some task.  Dogs are neither left-pawed nor right-pawed.  It all depends on how they are taught as to which side they use.  No dog, when you teach them to shake hands, will naturally lift up the right or left paw.  It all depends on how you train him as to which he will use.  Their dexterity is equally proficient on either side of the body.  WOOF!

Truth or Myth?

Truth or myth:  Dogs should have a litter before they are spayed.  Not true.  Veterinarians tell me that there is a lower risk of cancer and infections in spayed dogs.  In fact, dogs spayed prior to their first heat cycle have a 95 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer compared to sexually intact females. WOOF!

Dog Behavior

Initially, I mentioned that I have trained over 14000 dogs over the past 47 years.  That covers teaching classes in four states (Ohio, WV, Ky and VA) and the Distrit of Columbia.   Most were trained in my training center in WV where classes where held 3-4 nights per week.  Additionallly, I maintained boarding facilities where dogs could be housed for various trianing periods, mostly for 30-day stints.  I have not trained any of the field dogs for field work…although that has allways been fascinating to me.  Some years ago I attended the national Border Collie Trials in Lexington or Louisville, KY and it was fabulous watching how the dogs had been trained to work.  My background, however, is in the area of bahavior management…all levels of obedience, understanding dog psychology and socializaton, and finding ways for man and dog to co-exist in a world were man craves companionship.  I believe dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts and yet we so often turn on this four-footed friend as if he is our enemy.  Dogs are incredible substitutes:  they are child substitutes, mate substitutes, empty-nest-syndrome substitutes, and on and on.  Anyway, don’t want this to be too long, however a little background should suffice.  Next week, I’ll start at the beginning…finding the right dog…or will respond to topics you want to discuss.  Peace, John  PS:  Please consider my book, 14000 Dogs Later…find it on my web site: or  You can become a fan of 14000 Dogs Later on my Face Book.

Getting Started

Blogging is new to me, so help he out here.  It’s not that I have opinions and experience in the training and handling of dogs that no one before me has ever encountered…but training and handling over 14000 dogs for the past 47 years accounts for something…and I’d like to share what I have learned with you.  The topics can be as diverse as you want…my list is long…together, then, there should be plenty to discuss.  My plan is to develope a topic of interest and post it on Sunday or Monday evenings.  I’ll not post ideas or thoughts without thorough consideration.  All aspects of dog obedience and training, psychology, socialization, and behavior.  Dogs in service to man, as friends and companions, as heros.   Is it biblically sound that dogs have an afterlife, a soul, or have they been placed here to help us get from here…to there.  Maybe too, you’ll consider my book, 14000 Dogs Later.  It’s the story of my life with dogs and what I’ve learned and can be found on Amazon or my web site,  Peace, John

Hello world…this is my first post.

The purpose of my blog is to answer queries regarding dog problems that you have experienced or are experiencing.  Socialization, psychology, training, behavior…I’ll cover it all.  So let’s get started…