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What’s a Woodland Duck, anyhow?

USED PETSHOP:  This past week a white Woodland Duck was attacked by a dog, taken to a vet, given to my daughter-in-law, who named it Quackers and put it in my pond.  The three wild geese that also swim there are not at all pleased. 

So, that’s my Face Book post.  And, though this page is entitled 14000 Dogs (not Ducks) Later, I feel compelled to tell you about this creature.  The idea was that he (or she) would stay here until it healed from the dog attack and it’s wings grew back…it would then, hopefully fly away with other wild Ducks to happiness beyond.  It loves swimming in my pond, but I am not necessarily a Duck person.  Now I found out that it is not a wild animal and must be protected from preditors galore.  This is much more than I barganed for…stay tunned.

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