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New Book…The Bog

“The Bog” is a story of fantasy. It occurs in a swampy grove of marshland infested by snakes, rats and mosquitoes…a place believed to be where animals go to die. It is the story of a man who enters this forsaken quagmire while following the cry of a wounded animal…and what happens after he encounters a wolf named Napoleon.

Purchase “The Bog” at or on Amazon. $9.99 plus S&H

Dog Behavior PodCast #23



Famous quotes about dogs and what might be behind these quotes. John and Bob take a light-hearted look at some of the words we express about our canine friends. Go to:

Dog Behavior Podcast #22

Our first podcast of 2012 is now online. This one discusses how to properly “winterize” your dog. You can find our podcasts on ITunes., or go to and click on Podcasts.