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Soul two

Well, I do…believe that dog’s have souls.  I believe that Aristotle was spot on in his belief that dogs possess a ‘sensitive’ soul making them aware of their environment.  He also believed their enhanced soul gave them ‘feelings.’


Do you believe dogs have a soul?

Leash training

Just thought I might mention that EVERY dog that lunges and pulls at the end of the leash when going for a walk is doing damage to his throat. If you don’t believe me then you try doing it and tell me how good it feels!!!

What I’ve learned

There are easily drawn parallels between dog and man. We share the fight against enemies and traitors, our charity for others is immeasurable, and we are quick to forgive those wishing us harm. We stand by our family and friends in prosperity and in failure…in sickness and in weakness…during happiness and loss. We deal with misfortune and danger to the best of our individual abilities.
We humans, though, have advantages…one of which is our memory, permitting us to revel in times past. We get to remember and relive those wonderful times with our friends and our dogs…but our dogs cannot.



Training my Labrador as a Therapy dog has its challenges. Like, mud puddles, the pond, the horse field and anything else that will kill the human scent. Doggie perfume can only do so much.

Say what?

We all know that dogs hear better then humans. But is it two, three, four, or five times the distance of humans?

How much sooner does he hear a car coming up the drive than you?  How much sooner does he hear a siren than you?  How much time before there’s a knock at the door do his ears perk?  Watch him closely for signs of his incredible hearing.

Ole George

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill
Man, if ole George was talking about writing, I know exactly how he felt when he made this statement!

Which is most difficult?

I am presently marketing one book while rewriting another…which do you think is most difficult?