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No Shave November #2

Okay, okay…I received your messages loud and clear for No Shave November. At the end of the month, EVERYONE who casts a vote in the contest between Rescue and I for the best beard will have a chance to win a copy of The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend. Names will go in a hat and one will be drawn for my Face Book Pages, my blog and my twitter accounts. You get four chances to win!New Bog Cover

No Shave November

Rescue, the one on the right, has challenged me to compete in No Shave November. So here’s the deal. The one that loses makes a donation to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital ($50) to be determined by your votes. I’ll post the next picture on November 30. PS: The person making the weirdest response…after Nov 30… gets a free copy of The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend. PS: How about you? Are you competing in this national fund raiser?No Shave November

New Book Cover

Friends: Three years ago, Phil Stanley, design artist for Cabell Huntington Hospital, designed the cover for the CD version of The Bog. He has now tailored that cover for future copies of The Bog, The Legend of Man’s Best Friend, which now includes two short stories, The Prophecy of Canine and The Stray. The new edition will be available in December, but I wanted you to see the book cover.

New series on dog behavior training and spirituality #6

Importance of getting your dog’s attention before training.  Please view the following.


Iphoto(38)Interesting spot this German Shepherd chose to sit in local restaurant,

Rain, rain, go away…

My neighbor has an old mixed-beagle.  He seldom come to my house…except on days rain is predicted.  But, how does he know about the weather.  I assure you, if rain is predicted tomorrow, 30 minutes prior to its arrival, the old Beagle will come trotting up my drive and barks to get in the house.   I know it sounds crazy.  How does she know?

you tell me…

What is it about rituals with dog?  It’s like they are robotic.Here’s mine for example:  In the morning they go out a pee, they eat, they play, they sit at my feet while I write, they bark for treats, they bark to go out and pee, they lie in the sun and sleep.  All of that before noon.  Then it’s the exact same ritual the next morn.  Do your dogs have a routine?